Writing a software project plan

The project plan documents the planning work necessary to conduct, track and report on the progress of a project. It contains a full description of how the work will be performed. The benefit of using this how to guide is the consistency of presentation, enabling management to assess the plans, for their merits or limitations, more readily.

Writing a software project plan

Components of a Project Implementation Plan

The plan includes information related to staffing, budgets, time lines, deadlines, goals and measurements.

It also provides individual and group objectives and instruction on how each aspect of the plan is to be a carried out.

Much like a business plan serves as a road map for how a small business operates, a project plan provides direction on project implementation. Overview A project plan defines the parameters and purpose of individual business projects. It clarifies why the plan is being implemented and the ultimate purpose the plan will serve.

writing a software project plan

The plan also serves as a tool for keeping everyone associated with the project on track and focusing on the same details and information. For example, if a project plan is developed for creation of a company newsletter, the plan will explain several key elements: The plan will also detail the necessary equipment, software programs and materials needed, as well as establish an editorial calendar.

Staffing A project plan not only identifies the staff members, vendors and contractors who will be involved in a project, it also sets clear definitions of each role.

writing a software project plan

Using the newsletter example, a small business may designate so many hours of writing contribution from a staff copywriter and so much time devoted to graphics and design from an internal art team.

Budgeting A project plan is an exceptional tool for budgeting a project, as it outlines each individual element and the anticipated costs. Using the newsletter example, the project plan can be used to determine the monetary value of staff time devoted to the newsletter and the hard costs for printing and distribution.

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Timelines Project plans serve a purpose of creating time lines and establishing deadlines for each phase of the project.

This approach helps keep the project on track and on budget. Trouble-Shooting If something goes amiss with a project, the project plan can help track the problem and identify a solution.

For example, if printing costs are higher than anticipated, the business owner can review the plan and identify the cost over-run.


He may, for example, find that the newsletter is not being submitted to the printer by the established deadline, therefore triggering rush charges to meet deadline. The owner can then determine where the breakdown of the internal deadline came from and resolve the issue.The key component of all projects is the human resources on the project.

Be sure to plan properly for human resources to ensure success. The Human Resource Plan is . Develop a configuration plan Define how selected geoportal software will fit into existing architecture Install and/or configure hardware and firewall connections revisions to the project plan.

E Project Schedule Key project tasks, responsible groups and estimate hours: Detailed project . Project manager, who creates, executes, and controls the project plan. Since project managers build the plan, they do not need to approve it.

Since project managers build the . It’s In the Numbers: Using Metrics to Plan Documentation Projects by: Margie Yundt and Sherry McMenemy. It’s in the numbers. Creating documentation is not an exact science, yet as communication leaders, we are expected to provide real estimates for how much time we need to document a project, or what we can produce given a predetermined timeline.

How to Write Software Quality Management Plans is a plain-english, As with the Project Plan, the literature of software quality recognises the importance of comprehensive planning for those aspects of a software development project that bear most closely upon its success.

There is a lot of pressure on the person writing requirements to make sure that they are complete. This is particularly true if you are dealing with an inflexible third party company who are .

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