Vaccine and multiple vaccines safe

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Vaccine and multiple vaccines safe

Paralysis and myelitis including transverse myelitis Peripheral neuropathy Pneumonia and lower respiratory infections Skin and tissue disorders including eczema Sudden infant death syndrome SIDS Tinnitus ringing in the ears Vaccine-strain versions of chicken pox, measles, mumps, polio, influenza, meningitis, yellow fever, and pertussis Vasculitis inflammation of blood vessels You can find more adverse reactions reported on the Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System VAERS database.

Vaccines are known to be problematic for a segment of the population with a specific mitochondrial genetic mutation which may affect up to 4, babies a year.

Study: Combining Childhood Vaccines at One Visit Is Not Safe

Some of those with a particular form of this dysfunction are unable to detoxify the poisons such as aluminum or mercury that are in the vaccine. This inability to detoxify the metals causes damage to multiple organ systems with sometimes devastating results.

Vaccine and multiple vaccines safe

In his testimony to Congress, Dr. He calls these conditions fires which resulted from one spark: Inadequate Testing of Vaccines The problems associated with vaccines should lead manufacturers to conduct stringent testing. However, quite the opposite is true.

In vaccine testing there is: No cumulative safety testing done prior to licensing No placebo standard safety testing done No carcinogenic or mutagenic capacity testing done even though vaccines contain animal DNA and carcinogens No route of exposure research to determine effective safe limits of ingredients Safety or toxicity of vaccines is studied for short term rather than long-term.

Many studies are limited to just a few weeks. When a vaccine is tested, it is given to healthy people and they are only given that one injection not multiple injections at once, like a baby.

The current CDC recommended schedule with a number of vaccines injected on a given day has never been tested. In essence, the current schedule is an experiment. Vaccines Introduced Were Not Studied For Autism Chronic health conditions in children began growing rapidly at the same time that new vaccines were introducednow impacting 1 in 2 adolescents.

Autism, ADHD, food allergies, bowel diseases, and other conditions began growing exponentially in the late s. The Hib vaccine was introduced inand replaced by the Hib conjugate vaccine into avoid a death rate of 1 perpersons. The Hepatitis B vaccine was introduced for newborns in to avoid the risk of transmission from the mother which can occur in 1 in births.

HepB is a blood-borne illness not transmitted by casual contact, so an infant is not at risk unless the mother is HepB-positive. Mercury, and Aluminum One traditional rule in medicine is that things are unsafe until proven otherwise. Despite the long experience, the mechanism of action still appears unclear.

For many years, the main effect of alum was believed to be keeping the active antigen at the injection site and, therefore, available for initial interaction with the immune system. However, experimental studies have shown that the antigen disappears from the injection site within a few hours.

The most important mechanism of alum is probably mediated through activation of antigen-presenting cells. Aluminum adjuvants also strongly influence the type of immune response and are important for stimulation of antibody production but probably do not induce cell-mediated immunity.

Vaccine Ingredients are Toxic and Dangerous

Cell-mediated immunity creates actual immunity; antibody production alone does not. This particular paper goes on to describe many adverse effects of the aluminum adjuvant, including serious neurological dysfunction, but the authors insist that most of the adverse effects are coincidental and not causal.

Even when the authors admit to vaccine-induced adverse events, they say that the vaccine is still better for most people than the life-long problems experienced by those injured. Mercury, another heavy metal and known neurotoxin, is in all inactivated flu vaccines where it is used as a preservative in the form of thimerosal.Indeed, available scientific data show that simultaneous vaccination with multiple vaccines has no adverse effect on the normal childhood immune system.

A number of studies and reviews have been conducted to examine the effects of giving various combinations of vaccines simultaneously. Are vaccines safe? Using four different vaccine examples, this section examines what it means when we ask the question “Are vaccines safe?” and explores the detection of rare side effects using a rotavirus vaccine that is no longer used in the United States.

Dosing safety. Why do babies get the same vaccine doses as adults? Getting multiple vaccines at the same time has been shown to be safe. Scientific data show that getting several vaccines at the same time does not cause any chronic health problems. A number of studies have been done to look at the effects of giving various combinations of vaccines, and when every new vaccine is licensed, it has been tested.

Of the many vaccines assessed for a possible association with MS, the hepatitis B vaccine has captured the most interest, because molecular mimicry has been demonstrated in rabbits between hepatitis B viral polymerase and the part of the MBP that leads to encephalitis [22].

Both pneumococcal vaccines are inactivated and safe for people with MS. According to the American Academy of Neurology recommendations on immunizations for people with MS, pneumococcal vaccine should be considered for individuals with compromised pulmonary function, including those who use a wheelchair on a full-time basis or are .

The pneumococcal vaccines (there are two) protect against types of bacteria that may cause pneumonia, which is a serious lung infection. Both of these vaccines are inactivated and considered safe for people with MS.

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