Speech essay pt3

With the help of the notes below please write out your speech:

Speech essay pt3

Explain how to maintain good oral hygiene. Good oral hygiene should start from childhood. This is because milk teeth will affect the formation of Speech essay pt3 teeth later. Parents should teach their children to brush their teeth regularly.

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Regular six month check-ups are the best way to prevent dental problems. By visiting the dentist regularly, the dentist can remedy a potential problem early.

Do not wait until you start to feel the ache and only then you will visit the doctor, as the saying goes, prevention is better than cure. You should also eat more food that is good for your teeth such as fruits and fish.

Avoid sweet food like chocolates and ice cream. Eating too much food that contains a lot of sugar can lead your teeth to decay.

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Maintaining good oral hygiene is actually a way of taking care of your health, body, and looks. With that, I end my talk. As the best student in your school, you have been asked to give a speech on tips to study well and score in exams at the school assembly.

Share study tips to score in exams. My name is NurAminah and I was selected as the best student this year. Firstly, your should prepare a systematic timetable. This will enable you to complete your revision. It is best not to cram before exams.

Space out your revision process, far ahead of the exams. On the night before your exam, sleep well. Sufficient rest will help you to focus. During the exam, it is important to plan out your answers properly. This ensures that you did not leave any important points behind. Allocate time for every question to make sure that you answer all questions.

Preparing for an exam is not that difficult. The proper strategy and intelligent study techniques will surely help. It is important to be confident but do not over confident. I hope that my tips were helpful. I wish you all the best. Explain how discipline is very bad. The level of discipline in schools today is getting worse.

It is disheartening to see students getting involved in crimes and breaking school rules. Playing truant is growing more prevalent among students. Students are found loitering at Internet cafes and other places.

They end up lying to their parents and neglecting their studies. Some of the boys are also involved in gang fights and other life-threatening situations. They also pick up bad habits such as smoking. Sadly, some students have also resorted to crimes such as robbery. If they are caught, it will be reflected in their records, which is a severe repercussion.

I would like to end my speech by saying that you have been blessed with the chance to have a bright future. You are representing your school in a speech competition. You have decided to give a speech on the reasons to respect our parents.Sep 14,  · PT3 English Essay Examples.

SPM English Essay Examples. Popular Posts. INFORMAL LETTER (PT3 & SPM) EXAMPLE ESSAYS ARE AT THE BOTTOM OF THIS POST Introduction: Informal letters are friendly letters that we write to frie Useful Idioms For PT3 and SPM Essays with its regardbouddhiste.com: PonPonProduction. TALK / SPEECH EXAMPLE ESSAYS: 1.

Speech essay pt3

Benefits of joining clubs or societies 2. Benefits of a hobby. INFORMAL LETTER EXAMPLE ESSAYS: 1. Advise your brother to take school seriously 2. Advise cousin how to cope with stress of studies and exam Check this one out!

PT3 Essay Example - Article.

Speech essay pt3

Speech/Talk Writing 1. SPEECH/ TALK 2. Without wasting any more time, I would like to introduce my topic today, and that is, “Qualities of a Responsible Prefect”.Speeches are made during special occasions like school assemblies, student 3.

PT3 SPEECH essay sample ammani jeya pirathaba. Informative speech sample Влад. Database for Car Vandalism Problem Essay - Database for Car Vandalism Problem IDENTIFY Define problem There is a lot of confusion at school because there have been unsolved cases of vandalism in the school car parks.

Essay Speech PT3: Speech For Teacher's Day This is one the best written essay speech for the PT3 students as the guideline and directory for you to make a quality essay speech. Questions: On Teacher's day, you as the head prefect of the school have been asked to give a speech.

PT3 Essay - Benefits of Taking up Hobbies (Speech) A very good morning to our beloved principal,teachers,honest and sincere judged panels and my fellow friends.I am glad to be given this opportunity to participate in this public speaking regardbouddhiste.com title of my speech is the benefits of taking up a hobby.

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