Research paper outsourcing jobs

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Research paper outsourcing jobs

Outsourcing American Jobs to Foreign Countries Outsourcing American jobs to foreign countries is slowly destroying our economy. You hear it all the time on the news, and you read about it the paper.

Unemployment is rising, the Research paper outsourcing jobs of living is rising, and our economy is on shaky ground. So what exactly is outsourcing? Well in my opinion, outsourcing is a very selfish way for companies and businesses to save money. They send jobs to workers overseas who require less pay than an American worker does, in doing this these businesses of course make a larger profit on their goods and services.

Research paper on outsourcing jobs

I have to agree, for the amount of profit these companies that outsource make, they harm the greater good, our national interest. If you had not heard about outsourcing before, now you have a good idea what it is.

Now there are two sides to every story, so allow me to inform you about the people who support outsourcing, and why they say it is good for our country in the long term. Now the chairman of President Bush's council of economic trade Advisers, N.

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Gregory Mankiw said,"Outsourcing is just a way of doing international trade. Newswire via Comtex, President Bush'seconomic report says basically outsourcing makes sense. The report signed by President Bush S Newswire via Comtex This all sounds like it makes a lot of sense.

I mean wouldn't you want to save money also? We all want to spend less and make more, but where do we draw the line? Inonly about 4 percent of money directly invested by American companies overseas went to the developing countries that are most likely to account for outsourced jobs - and most of that money was concentrated in manufacturing.

The Bush Administration holds seminars on how to outsource American jobs. Treasury Secretary John Snow has said, "U. Companies should outsource to stay competitive. Newswire via comtex, I do believe that the United States needs to be competitive with other countries, but I do not think our government should do this at our expense.

When I say "our", I mean the working class people of America.

Research paper outsourcing jobs

I mean we could be competitive in so many other ways like, creating a better education system and turning out more educated highly trained people who are very productive.

I think it is quite disheartening for Americans to believe that our government would rather pay people from another country to do the same job many Americans are qualified to do.research paper series Globalisation, Productivity and Technology Research Paper /04 Drivers of the Offshore Outsourcing of R&D: Empirical Evidence from.

Research paper outsourcing jobs

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