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October 9, - March 26, The story of Ano Hi Mita Hana no Namae wo Bokutachi wa Mada Shiranai, also known as Anohana, revolves around dealing with the death of a friend, and embarking on a journey of self discovery to live a better life. Yadomi sits in his room on a hot summer day enjoying his video games, when he is pestered by his childhood friend Menma to grant a wish for her.

Redirect instead of re write anime

You know what could have saved this series? Plus it's not like it's true either. After all, this project was without a doubt doomed from the very beginning.


So, here's the deal: Adaptations are made with different goals in mind. Sometimes, when light shines down from the heavens, the creators of the original work get together with a crew of talented animators and a passionate production team writer, director, sound director etc.

We call that the best case scenario, it's what gave us shining examples such as Monster, Fullmetal Alchemist, Mushishi, Ping Pong The Animation or, to name a Key adaptation, Clannad no, not the movie.

redirect instead of re write anime

All shows that managed to match or even exceed the quality of their source material. Yet other or, to put it more accurately, most times adaptations are just a tool to make a quick buck off an already popular name for a studio and get some cheap advertisement for the original creator.

I can not guarantee that this will be a completely unbiased review. I do consider myself a fan of the original visual novel and while I will mainly be looking at this show in regards to how it manages to stand on its own, I will also be addressing the issue of it completely failing from an adaptation stand point, as you could probably tell from the intro.

I am in no way a source material purist. Changes need to be made in order to properly adapt a story from one medium to another.

You could add dancing reindeer, as long as it is for the benefit of the anime I wouldn't care one bit. This is not about the adaptation being different from the visual novel, which is by no means perfect, just so we are perfectly clear here. I will also be going easy on spoilers for anything beyond episode one, so don't be afraid to read this, even if you haven't seen the show yet, which I strongly advise against anyway.

If you are however afraid of long walls of text no idea what kind of illness that would qualify asthen I recommend that you skip to the bottom of the page for a summary of my thoughts.

Because it's going to be a long one. So, what is Rewrite? Rewrite is a blatantly cheap and lazy cash-in on the popularity of its brand name. Wait, no, that isn't right.

Rewrite is an insult to both fans of the visual novel and people who enjoy decently structured stories alike. Still not quite what I wanted to say. Rewrite is produced by 8-bit, a studio full of talentless hacks who'd be better off cleaning toilets for a living. Ah, just screw it. Rewrite is a piece of shit.

I'm not going to bother with a summary since you can find that sort of thing anywhere else. Interesting to note is that Mr. Key, Jun Maeda, the man with which I assume has to be the largest anus in Japan, considering all the things he managed to pull from there, was not involved with the writing of the story whatsoever.

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Adapting such a huge project is no small task. You'd have to pick the perfect studio, one with a lot of credentials. Maybe White Fox, who worked on the visual novel and have proven to be successful at adapting such projects in the past?

How about Kyoto Animation, the former go-to studio for Key adaptations? No, none of the above, the obvious choice is of course 8-bit, creators of such highly acclaimed wait, I don't think that's the right word Visual Novel adaptations as Grisaia no Kajitsu. Yes, 8-bit, a studio which, like few others, stands for astonishingly disappointing mediocrity.

The only reason why I can see somebody thinking that 8-bit may be a good choice is if they wanted to highlight the harem aspect of Rewrite. I have no idea why anybody would want to do that in this particular case, but if we were to look at things the adaptation succeeded at doing, making it more heavy on the fanservice and, for the lack of a better word, harem-y is certainly one of them.

Little surprising since sub par harem shows are more or less 8-bit's calling card. Still, I'm by no means one of their biggest critics. Which is unfortunately not something you can say about Rewrite's production. This is about as effortless as you can get without being accused of ripping off Toei Animation which, I am pretty sure, is what Studio Deen have been trying to do for the last 15 years or so.It would be way better than what they have planned if they did.

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redirect instead of re write anime

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