Real essays with readings 4th edition online

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Real essays with readings 4th edition online

PAC - Multicultural Counseling Theories 3 Credits This course brings multicultural addiction counseling and therapy through micro-counseling - a practice that integrated multi-cultural concerns as far back as Concepts of observing, questioning, reflecting feelings, empathic self-disclosure, and empathic confrontation allow counselors to seek understanding of clients' situation and challenges.

Real essays with readings 4th edition online

Crisis counseling and assessing suicide potential are also covered to ensure counselors can detect those in extreme distress. Essentials of Intentional Interviewing 3rd Edition - Close HCA - Pharmacology 3 Credits This course offers content in pharmacology which meets the needs of the allied health student.

The focused approach of this course provides students with the perfect blend of content and practical exercises which promote understanding of pharmacology concepts.

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A focused approach introduces the history of pharmacology, discussing the legal and ethical principles involved, illustrating drug administration techniques, reviewing math, and explaining drug calculations. Essentials for Health Professionals 3rd Edition - Close PAC - Child Development 3 Credits This course examines the biological, physical, perceptual, moral, and socioemotional nature of development in children from their prenatal beginnings through their early years.

It presents a state-of-the-art framework for assessment and treatment according to the DSM 5. The class discusses evidenced-based treatment models including client-centered foundation to treatment, cognitive-behavioral, step, motivational, pharmacological, and family approaches.

The course is designed to help students learn the clinical skills needed to become addictions counselors or social workers, and address resistance, co-occurring disorders, spirituality, coping and prevention in the context of theory and application to diverse populations.

A Guide for Professionals 1st Edition - Close PAC - Assessment Procedures in Addiction Counseling 3 Credits This course covers psychometric and statistical concepts; new and revised tests, inventories, and scales; relevant ethical and legal issues; contemporary measurement theories; and important multicultural issues.

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In addition, the modules of this course provide guidance on how and when to use tests in different settings with different populations and information on basic procedures like test selection, administration, and reporting.

Additional case studies have also been used to help students understand how to work with assessments and assessment results in real world addiction counseling situations.Real essays with readings 4th edition isbn..

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Real essays with readings 4th edition online

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