How to write and post a comment on facebook

News Feed The news feed is the primary system through which users are exposed to content posted on the network. Using a secret method initially known as EdgeRankFacebook selects a handful of updates to actually show users every time they visit their feed, out of an average of updates they can potentially receive.

How to write and post a comment on facebook

How does this benefit a small business or professional person like a blogger? Now, Facebook pages have the ability to like other pages. This comes in handy in four ways. You can get other pages to notice your page when you like them. You can keep updated on the news feed of other pages — and not see the feed in your personal account.

By liking other pages you are now in the group of people with similar interests. You can comment on other pages as a page and get people to view your profile with your business pitch or any content you want.

I think people live in two worlds — a business world and a personal world. In my case, my name is my brand. I used to think that there were better tools to use for networking like Twitter and LinkedIn. But these new Facebook Page capabilities make networking on Facebook easy.

We all know people who send business-related messages on their personal accounts. Once you have it set up, you can take control of it with the powerful Use Facebook as Page option. You can create filters in Facebook for your posts, but this is kind of a hassle. Separate pages can make more sense.

Facebook updated their user interface so there is now a triangle icon drop-down in the top-right corner. You can organize pages, people, and ad accounts under an umbrella business.

This is mainly for larger businesses. Soloprenuers may want to stick with just setting up a page.

Facebook makes it easier to comment "as a page"

Of course Facebook pushes business advertising hard to make money, so they will prompt you to create a Business and ad account. Truth be told, you will probably need to spend money on Facebook to get people to see your posts because of the newsfeed algorithm.

Once you are logged into your page you now take on your alter ego. Step out of your Clark Kent suit and post, like pages, comment, and see a custom news feed — just like a Facebook superuser. And of course you can use the page to syndicate your content automatically as before using RSS from a Web site or blog.

When you see a story that catches your attention you can comment on it. Since making comments in Facebook is easy and fast, you can really get your name out there. Also, I noticed some blogs I followed got more comments from Facebook than on the actual blog site.

I think more technically-oriented people sometimes forget that regular Internet users use Facebook most of the time. Facebook pages can have a design if the owner chooses that look like mini Web pages. When users visit your page for the first time, your welcome tab can appear with your logo, fonts, videos, and any other marketing material.

The sizes are small though, only pixels or roughly 5 inches wide on a standard computer monitor. Having developed Facebook Applications professionally, I can tell you there is so much you can customize to make your page fun and viral. Pages give you access to limitless creative possibilities — you just need a skilled programmer familiar with the Facebook platform.The post went viral, but the ensuing battle over Trending Topics did more than just dominate a few news cycles.

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In ways that are only fully visible now, it set the stage for the most tumultuous. What a great post! Excellent information, very clearly explained.

There are huge opportunities for business promotion with Facebook. Why a business wouldn’t . Another great use of the Use Facebook as Page option is that you can aggregate news from pages you “like” in your industry. When you see a story that catches your attention you can comment on it.

It’s much easier to see relevant news stories when you’re not seeing updates of . Search the world's information, including webpages, images, videos and more.

how to write and post a comment on facebook

Google has many special features to help you find exactly what you're looking for. The five main ingredients in a perfect Facebook post that can help you get more reach, engagement, clicks, and comments. The way to create a link post might not be immediately clear from the update composer on Facebook.

When you’re writing a new update, you won’t see an icon to enter a link. Looking at when people like or comment . Jul 27,  · Business owners who utilize Facebook for marketing purposes can post content on Facebook Timelines, which members can comment on, share and "like." Click the “Write Post” option that.

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