Els simple writing about family members

About the Author It sounds so simple, but if we as teachers put more effort into who we are teaching, more of the what would take care of itself. It is not the name of a particular language instruction model, learning strategy, or new district-wide curriculum. It is, instead, this:

Els simple writing about family members

The stories on this page give examples of the insights, learning, and outcomes for practice Pedagogical Leaders and their services gained.

I kept trying and I got superpowers! They also wanted to increase opportunities for children to be physically active and to develop agency in keeping themselves emotionally and physically safe.

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These provocations led to the development of an inquiry question that explored how effectively kaiako empower learners to explore challenge and build resilience. Data was gathered through a survey of both kaiako and parents. Making sense of this data highlighted several areas for improvement, including the need to provide more interesting, challenging, and flexible equipment, while understanding limitations on how this equipment should be used.

Kaiako also found that tamariki would benefit from an increased capacity to assess and evaluate risk themselves, and that parents would benefit from understanding how kaiako are supporting children to grow their skills and pursue their physical interests and goals.

To address these areas, kaiako undertook a range of actions, including: They have discovered new strategies to use when learning becomes difficult and to gain support from others. Tamariki have also developed skills in assessing risk and minimising potential hazards as they els simple writing about family members with the world around them.

An appreciation of the learning that results from physically active play continues to grow, and more of these opportunities are becoming available to children at home or in their family community.

Assessment for learning — more than just learning stories Best Start First Steps Palmerston North is a culturally diverse centre. Because children develop holistically, they need a broad and rich curriculum that enables them to grow their capabilities across all dimensions.

As global citizens in a rapidly changing and increasingly connected world, children need to be adaptive, creative and resilient. Could they answer the questions Do you know me? It was clear that they needed to actively seek information to deepen their knowledge.

They wondered whether other forms of observation would strengthen their understanding of individual children. Kaiako began to explore a range of observations and techniques, identifying how they could use these in manageable and meaningful ways to complement learning stories and increase their knowledge of individual children.

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The journey is ongoing. Kaiako continue to revisit and reflect on assessment documentation to ensure children experience a rich curriculum that supports their learning and strengthens their identities as confident and competent learners.

Cast the net into deeper waters. The assumption was made that evidence of the richness of the curriculum offered would be found in the assessment documentation completed by kaiako.

This investigation was carried out by the visiting teacher who was able to see all of the learning stories completed by the kaiako. This overarching lens identified that kaiako were focusing mostly on the strands of exploration, contribution, and communication in their assessment documentation.

The belonging strand was poorly represented, and the wellbeing strand was not identified at all in learning stories. This result surprised the visiting teacher who had witnessed many instances of kaiako providing children with learning experiences that promoted their wellbeing, belonging, and contribution.

The question was, why was this learning not being documented? The visiting teacher shared her findings with kaiako to gather their responses and reflections. I would like to keep an eye on it.


Am I allowing the children to make up their minds around their learning or am I driving this around my own interests? The visiting teacher has continued discussions during regular visits, prompting greater awareness of the importance of providing children with the opportunity to participate in all aspects of the curriculum.

Their journey is continuing — workshops are planned and more learning is needed, but they are well on their way. Creating a rich learning environment for toddlers Future Kids Ohaupo is a privately-owned care and education centre in rural Waikato.

Kaiako in the toddler room believed they had a good selection of resources in a well presented environment.

els simple writing about family members

However, they noticed that children did not always engage with the resources in ways that kaiako expected. Analysis of initial observations identified that the toddlers were more engaged and challenged in their learning when resources were presented in smaller quantities and in different ways.

Their commitment to providing high quality learning opportunities, along with these findings, prompted kaiako to focus their internal evaluation on the question: The comments they received reinforced kaiako observations.1 – It doesn’t happen by magic.

Children do not become bilingual “by magic”. There is a persistent myth claiming that “children are like sponges when it comes to language” and that they will learn all languages they hear regularly – this is simply not true.

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