Crash of the value jet essay

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Crash of the value jet essay

Ironically, even if the topic of the essay is rather pessimistic, air transportation is currently the safest mode of transportation: However, the safety performance of air transportation strictly depends on which region we are talking about. In short, there are some huge discrepancies in aviation safety performance between developed countries and developing countries.

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The decreasing trend is not only the result of technological improvements, but mainly in my view Crash of the value jet essay to the improvements in regulatory regimes dealing with aviation safety, which are sadly often implemented only after a fatal accident occurred.

Firstly, this essay will discuss the International Civil Aviation Organization ICAO as a main aviation regulator at the international level, and then six case studies will be discussed before some conclusive points.

Unfortunately, global system safety performance has not achieved a uniform level at which all the ICAO Member States would have the same safety standards applicable to air transportation.

Article 33 of the Chicago Convention sets out the minimum safety standards in aviation that every Member State has to obey.

The European Union is a good example of an aviation safety guardian as it established the EU black list, which banned airlines that did not meet the minimum safety requirements as specified in Article 33 from flying into the European Air zone.

This proved that we are far from having global unified aviation safety standards.

Free Flight: A 5 page essay on the F.A.A.'s allowance for "Free Flight"-- which ends much of the strict route confinement jet pilots once faced. Focusing mostly on the 'pros,' the writer describes how free flight is not limited to takeoff to touchdown; It also covers the significant benefits possible during pre-flight planning activities and Intro The crash of ValuJet was an accident that gripped the nation. In a decade of low priced airfare, ValuJet was a house hold name for providing economical flights. The loss of flight raised nationwide concerns over the airline industry; from maintenance practices, to management pitfalls among all of the low cost air Value Jet?s vice president Jordan said just before one of his aircraft was involved in the seventh most deadly crash in aviation history (Larson 30). What happened on the flight of before and after the deadly crash was a

This essay will encompass three selected causes the list is, by no means, an exclusive one of plane crashes and indicates the preventive regulatory measures that were implemented as a result of each crash. The last group of accidents is about technical failures, encompassing engine failures and the lack of smoke detectors in the cargo compartments.

In total there are six sources of significant danger affecting aviation safety; in the selected case studies, there is often a combination of two or more.

Crash of the value jet essay

Unfortunately, the plane was affected by lighting and as a result the plane crashed and caught fire. Only 29 out of people survived. It might be said that Delta could not predict acts of God and this is true.

However, Delta was entirely capable of developing windshear detection technology which could prevent this kind of accident from occurring. According to NASA a strong change of wind called windshear adversely affects the aircraft's safety, thus in the NASA Langley Research Center worked on airborne technology which can detect windshear in advance.

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InAir Florida flight no 90 from Washington, D. C to Fort Lauderdale, Florida experienced severe difficulties even before taking off; there was very poor visibility less than a half milesevere snow conditions and temperature below the freezing point.

The takeoff was unsuccessful, causing the death of 78 people. The first stage of a plane's de-icing procedure in the s was mechanical and based on scratching ice from the wind.

Developments in the s allowed for more sophisticated and differing methods using a liquid composed of etyloglycen, propyloglycen and water. The Report also suggests that the Air Florida Manual does not include any information about de-icing procedures.

However, the report emphasizes that it is the role of the captain and cabin crew to ensure that the plane is prepared for departure. In addition, the ICAO in cooperation with the major airlines published guidelines in specifying four mixture types for which usage depends on the temperature conditions and procedures which have to be put in place.

This can be seen as a sign of uniformity. It crashed twelve miles from Miami in the Everglades shortly after takeoff. The NTSB confirmed the probable cause as an improperly stored oxygen generator marked as cargo. The failure was caused by SabreTech, which did not mark and pack the oxygen generator before being boarded on the Valuejet plane.

· View valujet-flight from SCIENCE at Georgia Institute Of Technology. Investigation of the Crash of ValuJet Flight , the Relevant Stakeholders, Crisis System, and Crisis Mechanisms It was a Saturday afternoon, another day in the short but successful life of ValuJet, a three-year-old discount airline; an afternoon in which more than people in Miami -- some on their way  · ValuJet Flight was a regularly scheduled flight from Miami International Airport to Hartsfield–Jackson Atlanta International Airport.

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State-Corporate Crime Law Essay. Define state-corporate crime Provide examples of state-corporate crime, other than what is discussed in article Discuss how the crash of ValueJet is considered an example of state-corporate crime.

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