Artifacts discovered

Archaeologists from the University of Leicester have unearthed a rare collection of Iron Age metal artifactsincluding decorated cauldrons, a complete sword, and a 3rd century BC brooch, at the site of Glenfield Park in Leicestershire, England. An aerial shot of the Glenfield Park roundhouse. University of Leicester Archaeological Services.

Artifacts discovered

Its paddle wheels were 28 feet 8. Its first trip was to carry soldiers from Fort Leavenworth to Fort Pierrewhich was located up river in South Dakota.

In Artifacts discovered, the trip took nearly three months to complete. In March, it collided with an obstacle either a rock or a sand barnearly sinking with a damaged rudder. A few weeks later it blew a cylinder head and had to be repaired again.

According to newspaper accounts at the time, a Pennsylvania abolitionist aboard the Arabia dropped a letter, which was discovered and handed over to Captain Shaw.

The letter described guns and cannons en route to the slavery-free Kansas Territory from the abolitionist Massachusetts Aid Society.

Artifacts discovered

The weapons were discovered in boxes labeled "Carpenters Tools" and confiscated. At Quindaro Bend, near the town of Parkville, Missouriit hit a submerged sycamore tree snag.

The snag ripped open the hull, which rapidly filled with water. The upper decks stayed above water, and the only casualty was a mule that was tied to sawmill equipment and overlooked. The boat sank so rapidly into the mud that by the next morning, only the smokestacks and pilot house remained visible.

Within a few days, these traces were also swept away. Numerous salvage attempts failed, and eventually the Arabia was completely covered by water. Excavation[ edit ] In the s, Elisha Sortor purchased the property where the Arabia lay. Over the years, legends were passed through the family that it was located somewhere under the land.

In the surrounding town, stories were also told of it, but the exact location of it was lost over time. The owners of the farm gave permission for excavation, with the condition that the work be completed before the spring planting.

The Hawleys, along with family friends Jerry Mackey and David Luttrell, set out to excavate the Arabia during the winter months while the water table was at its lowest point.

They performed a series of drilling tests to determine the exact location of the hull, then marked the perimeter with powdered chalk.

Heavy equipment, including a ton crane, was brought in by both river and road transport during the summer and fall. On November 26,the Arabia was exposed.About Rick Burton's Civil War Full time dealer in authentic Civil War antiques and relics.

R ick Burton age 54, is a full time dealer in authentic Civil War antiques and relics.

Artifacts discovered

He has combined a love of history and metal detecting, resulting in a passion for recovering and preserving artifacts from the conflict. How would you feel if you knew that, thousands of years in the future, archaeologists will carefully examine your browser history, decrypt that external hard drive you labeled "not porn," and even find that sticky Penthouse magazine you hid behind the lockers in middle school?

Gold Artifacts Discovered in 19th-Century Shipwreck That Was the ‘Titanic of Its Time’. The discovery of a rare Native American artifact in Newtown is exciting for archeologists, but it's also raising more questions.

Following artifacts have been discovered so far in the Bosnian Pyramid Valley. This page will be updated with new artifacts as they are discovered and we will also update the existing ones with lab results, new findings and interpretations. Numerous artifacts, ranging from plates and mariners' tools to wood, lead, copper and glass objects, were located and documented — and in some cases were moved around and became more difficult. At Ancient Origins, we believe that one of the most important fields of knowledge we can pursue as human beings is our beginnings. And while some people may seem content with the story as it stands, our view is that there exists countless mysteries, scientific anomalies and surprising artifacts that have yet to be discovered and explained.

Contractors digging a. Well, along with the douche, they found booze bottles, some really nice pottery, smoking pipes, and the bones of four different animals, including turtles, which were a delicacy at the time.

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Experts concluded that because of the lack of layers in the garbage, it was the refuse from a single event. Found in the burial: Four deposits of artifacts possibly buried as a ritual act of sorts before the construction of a tomb have been discovered in Egypt's Valley of the Kings.

of Egyptian royalty.

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