A short guide to writing about literature buy a car

Covered in mud, the car has been hidden under a tarp and is parked on a dry riverbed, apparently struck by a flash flood. There is no sign of the car's owner. McCandless's journal documents what happened. Following the flash flood, he hid his car and buried its license plates along with his rifle.

A short guide to writing about literature buy a car

Subscribe to our FREE email newsletter and download free character development worksheets! Donald Maass October 19, A hero who does not have many reasons to solve a problem will gradually become uninteresting. Why not just let someone else handle it?

Personal stakes are more than just what a hero wants to do. And the more it matters to your hero, the more it will matter to your readers, too. The world of women, the culture and the traditions of the red tent shape and define Dinah.

Indeed, the company of women ultimately means more to her than the love of men, and telling their story grows in importance.

Every protagonist has a primary motive for doing what he must do. Outward motives are easy to devise from plot circumstances, but inner motives most powerfully drive a character forward.

Use all of them. Get up in the morning? Struggle through rush hour? Help the kids with their homework? Bring a tuna casserole to the reception after the funeral?

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We have our reasons. We may not think about them all the time, but if pressed we could explain what they are: We feel that what we do matters, however small it may be. When life tests us to the utmost, our motives grow exponentially greater.

Our deepest convictions rise close to the surface. We care still more. We become more determined than ever to make a difference, to persist, to overcome all problems and obstacles. At the moment of ultimate testing, we summon our deepest beliefs and swear that nothing will stop us. The hero of your novel also will be tested to the limit of his convictions—at least, I hope so!

If not, are there enough obstacles in the way of your protagonist?

a short guide to writing about literature buy a car

How does she respond at this supreme moment? At the outset of the novel, his convictions are at low ebb. Is he up to the investigation that lies ahead? But he gropes for belief and conviction, and borrows it, albeit abstractly, from Martin.

While planning to steal a car with a third tag-along friend, Dave Boyle, two men in a car took Dave, who was missing for four mysterious, presumably horrible days.

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a short guide to writing about literature buy a car

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