A personal experience of the sankofa dance performances in hartwell dance theatre

In the tradition of the Sankofa Dance Theater, they bring magic to the harmonies, melodies, rhythms, and vocal styles of the African and African-American Musical tradition. They are the storytellers, musicians, and historians, reaching into the rich legacy of the Motherland" to bring forth an art form for the next millennium.

A personal experience of the sankofa dance performances in hartwell dance theatre

From there it went on to tour Europe and the US.

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Nine characters come together in their search for love and connection in a theatre transformed into a ballroom. The storyline is revealed in the lyrics of songs from the thirties, forties, fifties and sixties.

Discussions and partnership with SUNY Fredonia began at that time with the initial work starting in the spring of Casting happened throughout the year and regularly scheduled rehearsals began as early as August of For this recreation of the original work the idea was to bring together faculty, alumni and students of SUNY Fredonia along with professional members of dance organizations in the Buffalo area to perform in a community venue.

Technical and choreographic support from the original creative team was also included for this recreation. This move was necessary due to the fact that as part of the design for the work, any theatre that WAITERS is performed in is turned into a ballroom.

This requires a large number of chairs. The music school allowed us access to chairs that we could use during all rehearsals.

Again, rehearsals began in August of and due to the varied schedules of the nine dancers and the availability of the rehearsal spaces, rehearsals could only happen as a full group one day a week for a four hour block.

Smaller rehearsals for the various solos, and duets happened whenever schedules would allow, usually once or twice a week for again a minimum of four hours. These tango rehearsals happened for a minimum of three hours a week.

As choreographer and director, I worked alone weekly in the dance studios of SUNY for four to six hours a week. These rehearsals happened with me and also happened with Amanda Sahr who was dancing a solo originally danced and created by Ms. In order to include the community of Fredonia into the project, the Fredonia Opera House was chosen as the venue.

These dates were also deliberately chosen in order to take full advantage of the Commencement activities that same week and to accommodate the number of families taking part. The theatre, while beautiful, presented a number of challenges.

Most venues allowed us to show this dressing scene throughout the theatre. Given the site lines of the Opera House, these individual scenes had to done in the small pit and boxes of the theatre.

In order to visually create separate spaces, platforms needed to be built to accommodate the illusion. These were built by a hired local craftsman. We had to rent and bring in additional lighting in order to create the visual design.>>DANCE/Hartwell presents innovative work by up-and-coming choreographers within the undergraduate and graduate programs in the Department of Dance.

Performances are at pm Thursday, October 25, through Saturday, October 27, in Hartwell Dance Theater. Sankofa choreographs original material that incorporates popular song, drums, hip-hop, break dance, spoken word, poetry, and sheer creative ingenuity.

Stepping features precise, synchronized, and complex rhythmic body movements, combined with singing, chanting, and verbal play. Sankofa Alum on Sankofa. Funmi Olosunde ‘ “Sankofa allows me to be the instrument as opposed to dancing to musical instruments.

A personal experience of the sankofa dance performances in hartwell dance theatre

You are the music and you are making the music with your hands and your feet. Through Sankofa you are utilizing your body to be the music and to make the rhythm.” Gape Machao ‘ “Sankofa is a family.

A personal experience of the sankofa dance performances in hartwell dance theatre

(Boston) Celebrity Series of Boston will present Sankofa Danzafro, The City of Others, on November 3 & 4, , at NEC’s Plimpton Shattuck Black Box Theatre, St.

Botolph Street, Boston, MA. The performances will take place on Saturday, November 3 at 8pm and Sunday, November 4 at 3pm.

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Department of Dance; Dance Events Calendar. Hartwell Dance Theater features reserved seating for all performances. Please arrive early to ensure being seated by the indicated curtain time. community and encourage them to explore different movement styles and gain valuable experience within the art of dance.

Different guest artists and. Nov 18,  · Seattle Theatre Group: STGtv 41, views FOLI (there is no movement without rhythm) original version by Thomas Roebers and Floris Leeuwenberg - Duration:

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