A look into the refugee crisis

Links Social Engineering Turkey has spent an inexplicable 6 billion USD on expansive refugee camps. Since Turkey itself has played a key role in arming and supporting terrorists devastating neighboring Syria, altruism is certainly not their motivation.

A look into the refugee crisis

The refugee crisis is likely to be one with definitive problems for which there are major consequences, for better or worse. Back then, the number of refugees in the camp stood at nearly 15, Now, the numbers are more sobering, having reached hundreds of thousands.

Make no mistake, these camps are just the tip of the iceberg, as thousands of other refugees are scattered across many countries worldwide, as well. The media in Turkey has shared in this universal failing, as well, with many media outlets in the country continually portraying the refugee crisis as a political issue rather than a humanitarian one.

In Turkey, various media organizations portray Syrian people who were forced to leave their homes, their countries and in many cases, their families, as posing a national security threat, manipulating their presence in the country as a tool to propagate a political A look into the refugee crisis.

This approach serves numerous forms of malice such as ethnocentrism, racism, sexism and so forth. We have seen it before. The lifeless bodies of Syrian children washed up on Turkish coasts, and innocent and helpless people getting lynched because of the color of their skin or the language they speak.

The young woman raped and murdered along with her one-year old child. Furthermore, press agencies report on this tragedy by choosing to write about the beauty of the woman, as if beauty could mitigate the atrocity. We have once again seen that there are women who are persona grata and persona non grata in the eyes of numerous activists.

The media largely discarded the news right from the start, deeming it useless in achieving their political goals. Media outlets have seemingly made a distinction between the preferred and the undesirable, based entirely on skewed perceptions.

At most, the media has released some "token" statements and manipulative reports. Fake newsHow did we reach this point? What role has social media played in this journey towards indifference? It is time to put our hats in front of us and start to give some serious thought to the current situation.

These stories gain traction easily on social media and by word of mouth. When we take a closer look at the sources, however, we see that social media is not the sole source of these rumors either.

Even mainstream media has a hand in this by reporting on unconfirmed rumors. Media organizations continuously draw attention to such misinformation by reporting on it over and over, perpetuating the problem even though they may not be the original source of the problem itself.

With a bit of scrutiny, however, the validity of the story melts under the light of truth. Sadly though, by the time accurate information is confirmed in the media, the damage has already been done.

After all, we have reiterated this point many times before: A lie travels like wildfire around the globe, while the truth is still just a flickering flame. It is no different in this case. Rumors become truth in the minds of their recipients.

Even if the viewer or reader hears or reads of a retraction of baseless claims, two more take its place at the same instant like a hydra. Threat perception Let us not forget though: The belief that fake and false news are the sole source of the problem is a faulty one.

After all, even in the news articles that appear truthful, the wording can incur the same damage that fake information can. It is even more insidious as false information laced with truth. Its bullet points can be seen in an article dated Jan.

Certain media organizations shape their news articles as a brick that is used in the threat perception wall that is being built around the refugees.

An Intimate Look at the Global Refugee Crisis — Refugees Deeply

Every news article marginalizes them even more. Despite not being supported by statistics, the correlation between refugees and criminality is being hinted at in these pieces of information.

Refugees are blamed for theft, larceny, murder and numerous other crimes with no evidence to substantiate the claims. They are being portrayed as the source of every problem in society as a sacrificial scapegoat.Sep 30,  · The conversation centers around Zaatari, the Syrian refugee camp established in Jordan back in We talk about its structural and social transformation through the years of the military conflict and we also look at several aspects of the crisis from the European angle.

A look into healthcare in the Midst of the Global Refugee crisis. 4/16/ 0 Comments Sumaiya (Mya) Islam This is a very ideal way to look at this global crisis but all efforts can help create a change.

This week at is NYU Refugee Week , “a week long series of events, April 16thth, that aim to shed light on an on-going.

A look into the refugee crisis

Apr 11,  · GRAND RAPIDS, MI -- A West Michigan nonprofit that has increasingly stepped into refugee resettlement around the world is calling on President Trump to let more refugees into . More than , refugees entered the European Union in August, increasing the total to more than half a million for the year, the European Union border agency announced.

Though the number of. More than a million migrants and refugees crossed into Europe in , sparking a crisis as countries struggled to cope with the influx, and creating division in the EU over how best to deal with.

A look into the refugee crisis

Jun 05,  · A Look at the Global Refugee Crisis. Even with an important Supreme Court ruling looming, the United States’s retreat from the refugee crisis is already well underway. Methodology: We collected the religion of the refugees coming into Founded Location: Menlo Park, CA.

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